Click on the "play" triangle icon in the middle of the box. 
The first thing that plays is an advertisement. There may be a speaker icon (usually, but not always); click on it to mute if you do not want to hear the ad.
After the ad, the BunCam picture starts but a banner advertisement may appear across the bottom of the screen. In the upper right-hand corner of the ad is a small "x" that you can click to make this banner disappear so you can see the maximum picture. If another ad appears, repeat.

Currently, most likely times to view will be daily, 10AM-10PM (U.S. East Coast time)
(Off when we are cleaning the pen or UStream performs maintenance.
And of course, if the internet goes down.)

When we are home, the gate is open and they may be running around, so they're less likely to be viewable.
2011-03-18: The gate is currently positioned at the upper right hand corner of the screen, so you should be able to tell if it is open or closed. Even when it is open, after they run around, they tend to hang out in the pen anyway.

Still experimental, if not just mental, so please give us some time to get it try out different angles and such. So far, from above seems best; it shows the whole pen. You can't see their faces but any other angle we've tried only gets a little piece of the pen.

When are bunnies active?
Rabbits are crepuscular; they are primarily active during twilight (dawn and dusk). How much of the early activity you might see depends on how early we get up and turn on the BunCam. During the day, they may flop on the ground, on a box - or in a box, so you may not see them. They usually start to get active again late afternoon, say about 4:00pm.

Thoughts and observations:
2011-09-20: A reader's comment pointed out that it is hard to tell what the bunnies live in, because of the angle of the buncam, so here's a picture.
You can read about this incarnation of the pen here.
2011-09-06: As noted 08-30, the buncam broadcasts have been interrupted. It appears to be because of brief power outages. They have been more frequent lately. We were home during the day over the weekend when a couple happened and there were two more last night. Mostly, the have been short with the power returning within a minute. However, it is sufficient to shut down the computer running the buncam. Have to look into a surge protector/uninterrupted power supply (but many beep loudly when the power goes out and that would drive the bunnies crazy). Until then, when this happens during the day while we are at work, the buncam could go dark until we return home.

2011-08-30: For the second day in a row, the buncam has been working fine when leaving for work in the morning and then gone down later in the day. I miss being able to peek in on them from work. Apologies to loyal readers and viewers. Do not yet know if this is the computer or the internet service. There did not seem to be a power outage yesterday and the computer was on when we got home, so we will first focus on the internet connection, perhaps the hardware ... we are trying to identify and fix it.

2011-03-10: The bunnies are back from their overnight at HRS. We hope that everybody will get along now. This buncam will let us check in on them from work. Thanks go to all the HRS volunteers that are helping to re-bond Lucy and Ethel. See Family Therapy for Bunnies

2011-03-04: This evening, Lucy and Ethel started getting into it. Ethel's fur was flying. After making what turned out to be temporary peace, they started fighting again. See What happened?

Day 2: To try to give them more to explore, I moved a chunk of their cardboard jungle inside the pen. They were initially very excited, going in and out and through. Of course, they may still groom and snooze away the day...

Day 1: Being able to see them when I usually don't is interesting. Bunya and Ethel hang around "outside", but Lucy has disappeared much of the day, either in the long white tube or one of the igloos (she seems to favor the blue one). But I haven't been tuned in to see her ingress or egress. [Update: Igloos have been removed and Lucy now seems to favor snoozing in one of the boxes.]