Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bonus Funny Bunny Meme

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Bunnies have distinct personalities.
Bunnies do not like to be picked up.
Bunnies can't vomit.
Bunnies are crepuscular.
Bunnies can be litter box trained.

Bunnies have 2 kinds of poop;
the cecotropes must be re-ingested for bunnies to get proper nutrition.
Bunnies' diet is 80-85% hay.
Bunnies shouldn't eat a lot of carrots.
Bunnies binky and flop.
Bunnies require specialized exotics vets who are specifically rabbit-savvy. And there aren't enough of them.
Bunnies should be kept indoors.
There is a House Rabbit Society with chapters all over the world.
Bunnies' teeth grow throughout their lives.
..... I'm usually talking to myself by now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Goodbye Treat

Turn on the volume so you can hear the crunching.
They each got a piece of a Probios this morning, their favorite.

The Goodbye Treat is the last treat the bunnies get before I leave for work. When they see me come in, they run to me, where the treat box is, and go crazy. Well, Ethel still has that level of energy and she runs some crazy loops through a maze haven under the kitchen table. Bunya sort of chugs along and just waits outside the kitchen, between me and their pen. With age comes wisdom.

I go straight to their pen and hold the treats through the fence. They know the routine and run straight inside to get their Goodbye Treat while I close the gate.

Bunya will be 11 in October. Ethel is about 8-1/2. You can tell Bunya is aging. The body just doesn't work quite like it used to... I feel ya', Bunya. Mine doesn't either.

Also, Ethel is getting away with behavior Bunya would not have tolerated a year ago. She eats faster than he does now, and will go after his uneaten treat (you can see her checking under his mouth a few seconds in). When they are waiting for their Goodbye Treat, Ethel will bulldoze Bunya out of her way to try to get the treat first. He cannot even resist any more, he just doesn't have it in him.

Maybe she lets him think he's still the alpha bun.
They love each other very much.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Anniversary, Bugs!

On the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page, we celebrate #bunnybuttfriday. This is a very special #bunnybuttfriday - 78 years ago today, Bugs Bunny made his debut in "A Wild Hare".
Happy Anniversary, BB!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Another real world "Bunya"

A Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader (R^4) sent us this wonderful picture.

We are waiting to hear back about the store's inspiration for the name.