Bunny Butts

Who knows how these things evolve, but on the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page, "Bunny Butt Fridays" has become a tradition. They seem to be popular posts. The pictures make people smile (and Fridays usually help, too). So, hoping to spread the happiness, said bunny butts will be accumulated on this page...

78 years ago today (07-27-1940), Bugs Bunny made his debut in "A Wild Hare".
Happy Anniversary, BB!


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Halloween approaches, as this is posted.

Baby bunny butt

Bunya, Lucy & Ethel

Photo: Is that Ollie bunny butt or Henry bunny butt?
Makes no nevermind... they're carbon copy cuties.

Bunny observation: Even though you are looking at the butt, at least one ear is facing you... ever alert for any action or danger. Or treat bag opening. Their independent ear control is amazing. Bunny ear watching is a fascinating pastime.

Bunny butt stamp

Bunny butt cake -- Recipe is here

 Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group

Lucy & Ethel

Photo: Smile because ... bunny butts!
And it's Friday!

[Thanks, Mariah, for the cute pic of Reina & Cooper!]

Bunny butt cupcake

Pierre's derrière.

Mr. Bunya shows us his butt.

Little Angels Animal Sanctuary

Bunny butt o'lantern (for Halloween)

It's eerie (or ear-ie), but this bunny butt
seems to be trying to tell us it's 9:00.

Rabbit Ramblings Bunny Butts


  1. that's a lot of butts. Really.

    1. More to come. I have a buttload of a backlog of bunny butt. Posted on Bunny Butt Fridays via the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RabbitRamblings/.