Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The runt

We picked up Bunya & Ethel from a short stay-cation at Georgia House Rabbit Society last night. There are some adorable babies recently rescued. While we were squeeing over them, we heard:

GHRS website
GHRS on Facebook
You can just see the red tint to his forehead.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mid-week meme

My daughter took this adorable picture of the dynamic duo. Had to share. After adding a caption.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Bunnies chewing dried kudzu leaves

[Turn up the sound to hear the crunching]
Ethel can be a picky eater. Bunya, not so much.
So Bunya eats his, and when Ethel goes for a drink of water, eats hers.
You snooze, you lose.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Veterans Day (And Monday Meme*day)

To our veterans on Veterans Day:
Thank you for your service.
Wishing you peace and good health.

For another Veterans Day post, see My Army Bunny Family.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Cleaning Day Bunya

Mr. B is in his "it's cleaning day" hidey box.

He used to jump to the top of a castle tower on top of their fun house but he may be getting a little old for the high jumps now... haven't seen him do that in a while. This box is much easier to access - it's on the floor.

If he looks out the front, he can watch TV. Looking to the right, like he's doing in this picture, lets him watch us cleaning their pen, or, more to the point, so he can see when we are done. Then he can return to their hidey box in the pen, or explore the clean litter boxes and fresh hay.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Make it a Happy Halloween for your bunnies, too!

Bunnies are prey animals. They don't like things like: strangers, loud noises, sudden movements, fireworks. These can stress them.

On Halloween, keep your buns cool and quiet, away from the constant noise and activity of Trick or Treaters.
Close the windows and doors. Close the blinds to avoid flashing lights.

Play music - peaceful, easy listening (not loud). Think elevator music.
(No hair bands or hare bands. Stay away from 1812 Overture.)
Your TV service might even have a suitable channel in its lineup - you just never tune to those channels.

If you do not already have boxes for them to play on and in, get some plain cardboard boxes (not slick or a lot of ink/color, no staples, labels or tape); cut at least two openings in each box big enough for your bunny to get in and out. They can hide in them, to further mute the noise and feel a little safer.

An air filter in their room may provide white noise to help muffle Halloween sounds.

Keep them company and reassure them that everything's okay. Pet them if they are the petting kind of bunnies. Have a couple of healthy rabbit treats handy (Bunya told me to say that). 

BUT -- keep them away from the human treats and candy - these can make your bunny deathly ill.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

P.S. Check out the post Bun o' lanterns -- Bunny pumpkins for Halloween

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bun o' lanterns -- Bunny pumpkins for Halloween

A Rabbit Ramblings traditional pre-Halloween post... If you carve a bunny pumpkin, please post a picture on the RR Facebook page so it can be added to the "library". (Bunkin pictures from miscellaneous sources around the internet and from past Facebook contributions, so also appreciate any picture credits you can add - thanks!)

Have fun! Be careful carving pumpkins and have a safe celebration!

Happy Halloween!

Carving a "bunkin" (bunny pumpkin) for Halloween?

Here are a few "Boo! Bunnies" to inspire your creative carving...

Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue FB page & website
Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue FB page & website

A classic lop image
Another approach to bunny pumpkin carving
Was this bunny in "Lord of the Rings" or something?

Don't forget "EB" - the Energizer Bunny

Bunny from Prickly City?
Bonded duo

                                                         Models for bonded duo pumpkin
Bunny Butt!
Talk to the butt, 'cause the ears ain't listening!

(Bernie Bunny from Annie's)

Bunny model: Pinki Larue
Model for pumpkin above

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bonus Funny Bunny Meme

Image may contain: text
Bunnies have distinct personalities.
Bunnies do not like to be picked up.
Bunnies can't vomit.
Bunnies are crepuscular.
Bunnies can be litter box trained.

Bunnies have 2 kinds of poop;
the cecotropes must be re-ingested for bunnies to get proper nutrition.
Bunnies' diet is 80-85% hay.
Bunnies shouldn't eat a lot of carrots.
Bunnies binky and flop.
Bunnies require specialized exotics vets who are specifically rabbit-savvy. And there aren't enough of them.
Bunnies should be kept indoors.
There is a House Rabbit Society with chapters all over the world.
Bunnies' teeth grow throughout their lives.
..... I'm usually talking to myself by now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Goodbye Treat

Turn on the volume so you can hear the crunching.
They each got a piece of a Probios this morning, their favorite.

The Goodbye Treat is the last treat the bunnies get before I leave for work. When they see me come in, they run to me, where the treat box is, and go crazy. Well, Ethel still has that level of energy and she runs some crazy loops through a maze haven under the kitchen table. Bunya sort of chugs along and just waits outside the kitchen, between me and their pen. With age comes wisdom.

I go straight to their pen and hold the treats through the fence. They know the routine and run straight inside to get their Goodbye Treat while I close the gate.

Bunya will be 11 in October. Ethel is about 8-1/2. You can tell Bunya is aging. The body just doesn't work quite like it used to... I feel ya', Bunya. Mine doesn't either.

Also, Ethel is getting away with behavior Bunya would not have tolerated a year ago. She eats faster than he does now, and will go after his uneaten treat (you can see her checking under his mouth a few seconds in). When they are waiting for their Goodbye Treat, Ethel will bulldoze Bunya out of her way to try to get the treat first. He cannot even resist any more, he just doesn't have it in him.

Maybe she lets him think he's still the alpha bun.
They love each other very much.