Friday, June 24, 2011

Bunya has tunnel vision

What is up with the Bunya?

The time before last that the bunnies boarded at HRS, we took this stick tunnel that they love for them to have a little piece of home, something familiar. Well, when we picked them up, we forgot it; but HRS kept it for us and we brought it home this time.

At home, Bunya did something we hadn't seen before: he laid his head on/in it, like it was a comfy pillow. (It's not -- it's sticks.)
Bunya, do you hear an echo?
 In fact, he got so comfortable, that he flopped over and stayed there.
Ethel: Don't care - I am still going to chew it and
if you get stick in your ear, it's your own fault.
They have just been little Bizarro Bunnies since they got home.
(Not a comic book reference, unless you want it to be.)

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