Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disapproving Lucy

So much to disapprove of ...

No, that was not MY poop.
No, don't come any closer.
No means no.
Don't make me thump.
You want to pick me up? You are delusional.
You've come close enough, buster.
Don't make me repeat myself.
Groom me? Try that scratchy thing on your back!
You talkin' to me!?! (a strong possibility she has seen Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver)
You know, it is waaaay past dinner time ... dish is still empty.
Think you can get that hair out of my water dish?
The service around this place is really on the decline.
Oh, yes please - think you could you make a louder noise?
Mmm, mmm ... don't even go there.
No sudden movements or I am gone.
You are in big trouble, mister.
Yes, that thump was for YOU.


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