Friday, April 19, 2013

Bunny Miscellanea

Whether you believe in evolution, if you have bunnies, you believe in devolution.
Like of paper towel tubes ...

Realized, they chew them in a similar pattern, every time they get a new one.

Other things to watch out for (when you have bunnies) are the devolution of wires and baseboards...

Before we learned better ...

Took our eyes off for 1 minute ...

Some old business and some new business

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New blog page: Bunny Advocacy Memes - trying to collect and share them as found.

Have you checked out the Bunny Things page? If it's been a while, there are new additions.

Buncam: This was giving us some fits for a while but hopefully, it has been resolved with an upgraded PC and accessories so it can be on the air more reliably. More fully described on the buncam page, here are a few viewing highlights:
Usually on about 9 AM - 11 PM, east coast time
(but for Sunday mornings - pen cleaning day).
You can see the door to their pen and if it's open, they may be wandering around.
If it's closed and you don't see them, they may be hiding in a box.
All bets are off if electricity goes off or UStream is doing maintenance.

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  2. hehehe bunnies and their chewing habbits,naughty bunnies!

  3. yeah, i replaced my vacuum cleaner because rabbit chewed through the wire before i could stop him.