Sunday, May 5, 2013

New bunny site resources

The pre-Easter bunny educational season is past and I wish we'd had this meme. But the post-Easter bunny abandonment season is in process, so that's my excuse for running this now. That and I just got it yesterday.

It's from a great website "across the pond" in the UK, The Rabbit House. In addition to the resources accumulated on the site itself, the webmistress has written a couple of books in which any bunny owner may be interested:
Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits
10 Rabbit Behavior Problems Solved

So with both humor (or humour) and educational intent, here it is:

It has been added to the RR Bunny Advocacy memes page.
Coming soon: The Rabbit House's "Do you know what your bunny's ears are saying?" chart.

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