Friday, June 27, 2014


[Press Release]
RICHMOND, CA (June 26, 2014) –House Rabbit Society is asking rabbit lovers to boycott Whole Foods Markets until they reconsider their decision to stop selling rabbit meat in their stores.
House Rabbit Society, an international rabbit rescue and advocacy organization headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, just learned that Whole Foods was planning on introducing rabbit meat in their Northern California stores.
We estimate that there are approximately 9 million pet rabbits in the United States, and that number is increasing every day. Indeed, after cats and dogs, rabbits are becoming one of America’s most popular pets; they are the third most popular companion mammal. In 25 years, House Rabbit Society has saved the lives of over 30,000 rabbits. Our website has over 400,000 hits each month from individuals interested in rabbits as house pets. These people would be as repelled by the idea of eating a rabbit as would most Americans of eating a cat or a dog for dinner.
Most people now know that rabbits are intelligent, funny, curious, and emotionally engaging animals, whose role in millions of American households rivals the family’s dog or cat. Our supporters do not want a cherished companion animal to be slaughtered and sold at Whole Foods.
Anne Martin, House Rabbit Society’s Executive Director, says “As Americans are eating less meat now than ever before, we are saddened by the fact that Whole Foods is adding our beloved companions to the list of animals sold at the meat counter.” Margo DeMello, House Rabbit Society’s President, continues, “Imagine the reaction of Whole Foods’ customers if they saw puppy and kitten carcasses in the meat case; that’s the reaction Whole Foods will receive from their customers who cherish their rabbit companions.”
We are calling upon our members, supporters, website visitors, and social media followers to immediately stop shopping at Whole Foods stores until the company stops selling rabbit meat.
House Rabbit Society is an international non-profit organization that rescues rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior through its international network of fosterers and educators, advocacy programs, and its no-kill rabbit shelter in Richmond, California.

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