Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Every bunny thing old is new again

How to fight bunny boredom has been discussed (in this post). 
Apparently, you can also rearrange the furniture.

On pen cleaning day, we usually take everything out to vacuum and clean. When we have to hurry, we might just pile everything up in a corner and work around it (it gets us 80%+ there).

Well, it seems the tower of their stuff made it all interesting and explorable again. Don't worry - they can't get any higher than they usually do and it is actually very stable.

Their "funhouse" was out of place for cleaning and that made it the subject of intense scrutiny by all three buns.

Ethel getting nosed out of the way by Bunya,
with Lucy blocking Ethel's progress.
All aboard!

Bunya asserts his position as the Grand Poobah.