Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New bunny-human look-a-like

Suggested by a Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page reader. The bunny's got the attitude, the angle of the head, the nose, the set of the mouth...  It was put to a vote and was a clear "add" to the bunny-human look-a-like page. So it is done.

      Buninem ........................ Eminem

1 comment:

  1. They are such twinsies! Hahaha. Love your blog and thank you for sharing our Bunniversary Giveaway on Facebook =) Just wanted to let you know we donated $30 to GHRS in the name of our winner who lives the UK. We originally raised $30 (almost 300 notes) and we were going to split the funds between HRS in Delaware and Georgia. Our winner was kind enough to opt for us to donate the money that we would have spent for her prize to help more buns in need instead. So we doubled the amount because of her =) I hope Rio regains his health and maintains his weight. Send him and your love buns lots of head rubs and cheek massages <3

    -Nugget & Emilee's bunny mama