Friday, September 5, 2014

Bunny loving

We believe little Miss Ethel to be the most generous and loving of our bunnies. She is most likely to be grooming her bonded bunny buds. Lucy & Bunya. Here she is grooming Lucy on the cool bricks of the fireplace mantle; this is one of their ways to stay cool during summer (resting on the cool bricks).

Adopting a bonded pair is good for you and the bunny. Or you can try some speed dating with your bunny at your local bunny shelter with their bunny-whisperer. Bonded bunnies keep each other company and make for happier bunnies; they are less bored, which is a good thing for all involved. Lucy and Ethel were abandoned together on the steps of GHRS and have always been together. When looking for a bonded pal for Bunya, we ended up with a threesome instead, so that Lucy & Ethel did not have to be separated.

1 comment:

  1. Ethel maybe the most generous, loving bunny, but she is also the mastermind of the group. i.e. the great escape she organized.