Friday, October 31, 2014

Lucy & Ethel - Loving & Lifting

This clip is a couple of minutes but I could not cut it down any more. When I grabbed the camera, I was trying to get Lucy grooming herself and talking on her "ear phone". By the time I got focused, the video turned into something completely different.
Here are some highlights:

0s: Lucy is loving on Ethel. While Lucy was grooming herself, Ethel came over to get some loving, even if only pretending Lucy was loving on her by Ethel inserting herself under Lucy.
Lucy scratches and then grooms Ethel. Ethel is just happy to soak up the love.

12s: Lucy decides she wants to snack on their new cardboard tube (discussed in a recent post).

18s: Ethel wants more loving and tries to remind Lucy of that fact by sliding her head under Lucy as Lucy is chewing. So even if Lucy doesn't groom Ethel directly, Ethel can pretend. All three of them do this behavior a lot. Lucy continues to chew and Ethel gives up.

30s: Lucy takes another tug on the tube and lifts it up - and Bam! - right into Ethel. Ethel acts like she's going to chew on the tube, too, but then decides to give the loving another try; she gets tube-smacked again for her efforts. Ethel addresses an itch. Lucy's lifting like she's showing off at the gym. This is where it really reminded me of the coordinated physical slapstick comedy of the Lucy and Ethel from "I Love Lucy".

1m: Ethel's thinking about just playing with the tube, too. No - not really! She decides she'd rather be receiving some lovin'. And gets repeatedly smacked in the face for her romantic overture.

1m39s: Ethel senses an opening when Lucy decides to clean her paw... to no avail; Lucy goes back to the tube.

1m55s: Ethel finally gives up and under the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" theory, begins to chomp on the tube with Lucy.

This video has been added to the Rabbit Ramblings YouTube channel.

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