Monday, December 22, 2014

Funny Bunny Monday Meme*day (with a message)

Adopt - don't shop.

Whether you like bunnies, cats, dogs or other pets, please adopt them from a shelter. So many animals need a loving home to care for them and turn their lives around.

Please do not give pets as gifts. This can lead to more neglected, mistreated or ignored animals that will be in the shelters a few months after the gift occasion has past. (Example: Rabbit rescues will be flooded after Easter because of impulse purchases. The same thing happens with puppies at Christmas.)

If you are charitably inclined, please donate a portion of your generosity to an animal rescue. They are often struggling and no gift is too small. Donations add up and any amount is greatly appreciated.

You can donate to the House Rabbit Society (HRS) here.
You can donate to the Georgia chapter of HRS here or via their Facebook page here.

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