Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ethel & Bunya "necking"

Caught Bunya & Ethel "necking". With bonded bunnies, there are different ways of expressing affection and this is one of theirs. (Shot through the fence because if I moved, they would have stopped. BTW, the gate was open, as it is most of the time.)

They start off necking and then Bunya pauses to enjoy Ethel's loving. After grooming himself for a few seconds, Ethel bows her head under his, asking for some more. He obliges by cleaning her eyes.

Adopt - Don't shop.
Consider adopting an already bonded pair.
If you would like to consider bonding your bunny, one important thing to remember is that the bunny chooses its bond mate, not you. Here's some reading about the process from the resources at the House Rabbit Society:
Bonding Rabbits
The Most Important Work in Bonding: PATIENCE

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