Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ethel versus the gate

Ethel is having some bunny discourse with her pen's gate. They all have done it, although not necessarily on the gate. The pen is 7'x7' (this is where they reside when no one is home; otherwise the gate is open). They will go up to a wall of the fence and tug on it with their teeth; now that I think about it, it seems they only exhibit this behavior when they are outside the pen, looking in. Lucy could really raise a racket; if we made her stop, she'd just go back to it after we sat back down.


  1. I was trying to find a way to contact you, off the blog, but... I've been thinking a lot about the 4 of you, and just wanted to check in and see how you're all doing. I hope the buns are adjusting without too much trouble, to the loss of Lucy. It's hard to know how they think and feel about this kind of thing, and I know it's not Bunya's first loss, like this. But, i also know that such a loss can be incredibly painful for their pet human's to cope with, and want you to know, that there are total strangers out here, holding you both up in their prayers, and thinking of you.

    1. Email is Thank you very much. Sometimes it hurts more than others. Like when we picked the bunnies up from their stay boarding at GHRS... in the pen next to theirs was a perky B&W Dutch bunny jumping all over. The carrier is lighter. The toys are not tossed around as much. The hay in their homemade hay buffet lasts much longer. Their area is not as colorful. I've seen them binky some, but I'd love to see more. Thanks for thinking of us.