Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Table for One, or Ethel sneaking some pellets

Bunya is on an all hay diet to make sure he's on the road to recovering from his recent stomach blockage. This will likely be his future forever diet.

Well, that means poor little Miss Ethel is on an all hay diet, too.

But I try to sneak her some pellets when Mr. B is not around. In this case, Bunya was off in the hay cube box and Ethel was playing in their cardboard "warren" under the kitchen table. Ethel now knows that if I tap on a certain door, I am prepared to offer her some pellets or a treat Bunya can't have.

When this video starts, Ethel has finished the first course of pellets but is still hanging out hoping for more. Of course, I caved in and provide more pellets for her surreptitious enjoyment (about 20-ish seconds in). Still love watching bunnies chew.

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