Friday, June 3, 2016

The NO bunny burrito medicine administration

This is Bunya taking his meds and Critical Care last night. NO BUNNY BURRITO needed!

I retrieved him from his hay cube box, so he had to finish chewing before the meds could begin.

He did the same thing in the morning plus his Bene-Bac dose (it adds another 5 seconds). He takes his Metoclopramide in 12 seconds and a syringe of Critical Care in another 20-ish seconds. Check out the lip-licking at 18 seconds.

I got a little overzealous when finishing the Critical Care so some glopped out onto the counter (my bad, not his). Such a good bunny!

This is a new development. I tried it and he seem to realize this was easier that the burrito tussle and he got the same reward treat either way. This way, he gets back to Ethel and hay cubes faster.

Now just stopped getting GI blockages, Bunya!

1 comment:

  1. Scout Bunny was on a lot of medications towards the end, if I sat with my head lower than her's (on a stool while she was on the counter) she would take her meds without a fuss, but if I was looming over her, it'd be a royal rumble.

    Sage Bunny would eat anything you held under or towards her mouth. Didn't matter how yucky it tasted. Silly bunny.