Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bunya & Ethel's taste test

Disclosure: Small Pet Select ("SPS") sent us some products (at no charge) and asked the bunnies to taste test them and to post the honest results. RR, its bunnies and its humans have no ownership or financial interest in SPS. Here are the products, the results and a discount coupon code.

SPS sent us (these are links to the product pages):
A box of 2nd Cut Timothy Hay
A package of Heavenly Green Crunch
A package of Vita-Licious Essentials

This discount code is for 50% off of one package of the Heavenly Green Crunch if you want to try it: RABBITRAMBLINGS

For other purchases, Small Pet Select will donate 10% of the purchase to a rescue. When we buy, we use the coupon code GHRS rather than any of the other coupons. You can check to see if there is a code for your rescue or get your rescue to register for a code. (There's a button link in the right hand column of our blog pages - scroll down a little from the top of the page and you'll see it.)

We didn't need to "test" the 2nd cut Timothy Hay. We order our hay from Small Pet Select already and have a huge box of it the bunnies are working on. We also order the first cut hay - we think Bunya and Ethel prefer this. We prefer the first cut hay for them because it has more fiber and flowers. High fiber will hopefully help keep their pipes running, especially since we are dealing with trying to clear Bunya's blockage. They get both the first and second cut hay every day. SPS also has a 3rd cut hay if you have a picky eater. Check out their site for descriptions.

Since I was not going to eat them (even though they smelled good - if the bunnies had not liked them, I might have used them as potpourri), I thought the best way to convey the results was to show you the bunnies. Here's Bunya checking out the Heavenly Green Crunch:

Ethel is the pickier eater. It was not that she didn't like it, but I distracted her when I got down on the floor to video them, So I tried a more "scientific" method. I put about a tablespoon of both treats on opposite sides of a plate to see what they would do.

They both ate both treats but the way it settled out here, Bunya seemed to gravitate to the Heavenly Green Crunch and Ethel did the same with the Vita-Licious Essentials.

They did not eat it all in a single sitting (thankfully). They both came back later (separately) and Ethel was sniffing for a particular ingredient. She nosed under the plate to get at it, pushed both treats into one pile and wore the plate like a big tilted hat (wish I had gotten that picture but I laughed too long before I grabbed the camera).

Here's Bunya after he came back later to nosh
from the combined treats mixed together.
Bunya stepped on the plate for easier access
to some snack ingredient.
It's always been a great rabbit mystery to me
why they dig for one particular piece of hay,
what makes it so special.
Here's one of Ethel's solo treat trips.
This was after she wore the plate like a hat
and the two treats became one.
Love her blue eyes.

A great suggestion from one of the GHRS volunteers (thebunnylady, mentioned elsewhere in this blog) was to sprinkle these treats onto the bunnies' hay to encourage them to eat more hay.

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