Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bunny "tossing and turning" in bed

Well, the bunny equivalent of tossing and turning, it seems. Ethel flopped in her pen, by the gate (prized real estate). But she couldn't seem to get comfortable. Over the following 5 minutes, she tried 5 different positions.

[Update: Someone suggested that not being able to find a comfortable position could be an indication of gas buildup and perhaps an early warning sign of an oncoming bout of GI stasis. Bunya shows gas discomfort another way so I didn't think of that in this case. Ethel is fine but do be alert to this possibility in your bunny's behavior.]

Started with a flop.

Thinking: No, that wasn't quite right.

Maybe I'll sit up.

Trying the bunny-hen pose

Ended up changing directions

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  1. Sometimes they just get bored with their lot,even though they have all the toys,Space and company it just not enough...sometimes,xx Rachel