Tuesday, July 18, 2017

GHRS Bunnyfest and Hoppy Hour

A quick clip of GHRS Bunnyfest Hoppy Hour (Georgia House Rabbit Society). The star of this clip is Ostara. She was rescued after having been bitten/shaken by a dog - and her spirit is loving life. The pumpkin colored fluff starts off to the right of the frame, sucking up the love from one of the bunny bouncer volunteers. She circles south following the other buns and then north by the hidey box to be in the center of the action. Ostara is the one dragging her back legs.

Reminder - Do NOT.NOT.NOPE.NOPE.NO-WAY.NO-HOW let domestic pet rabbits loose outside "in the wild". They do not have their wild cousins' coping skills or survival instincts.

Here are a few of the bunnies there:

This little fellow was so cute!
(So many were.)

Some bunnies just piled in and snuggled
and relaxed while everyone else ran around.

So many bunnies, but all in motion -
Hard to get in-focus pictures!

Lots more bunny pictures taken by Bree the Bunny's human - album here.

There were desserts by the Cake Hag (yum), the GHRS Hop Shop branch, bunny salons for mani-pedis and grooming (ever seen a huge garbage can of bunny hair?), massages, cold laser therapy and vet checks. It was a very busy venue. Of course, we bought a ton of supplies and treats for Bunya and Ethel.

Thank you to the legion of volunteers and many vendors for their time and donations.
If you missed it this year, don't miss it next year!
And on International Rabbit Day, 09-23-2017 -- The Hare Ball!

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