Sunday, July 21, 2019

Sunday morning disruption

If you are a regular Rabbit Ramblings reader ("R4"), you know everything come out of the bunnies' pen Sunday morning for cleaning. Usually, Bunya runs off into the fresh hay/litter box we put outside the pen, and then into his bun cave (a box that faces the TV).

This morning, he took a stand in his uncarpeted castle tower (the rugs were out to be vacuumed). Deciding it was useless, he went to his bun cave while we continued cleaning.

Because he is losing his sight, with cataracts in both eyes, we don't move move the boxes, towers, ramps or tunnels around anymore. They go back in the same places; we want him to be on familiar ground. The pen is open all day but closed at night; we don't want him to get hurt trying to keep up with Ethel in the dark.

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