Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Bunny Precision Flopping Drill Team

It was getting late, about 11PM - it was bunny bedtime. Even with the gate open, they usually go into their pen to hang out after they have run around or done a NASBunny. The 3 of them went in and -

It was the Bunny Precision Flopping Drill Team:
Girls, right face!
Boys, left face!
Ears up!

I couldn't move out of my chair or they would scramble, looking for a treat. As it is, the little click the cell phone makes alerts Ethel. The picture is thru the pen chain link, because when I got up to try another fence-less angle, they got up, too.
Ethel looks to me like she's saying her goodnight prayers, nose on folded paws.

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