Friday, May 13, 2011

The bunnies return from vacation

Note: There have been some maintenance issues with the blog host (bloggers unable to log on to post) but if you are reading this, it appears they have been resolved and we are back in business.

In their carrier for the car ride to HRS, the buns huddle together.
(Lucy & Ethel are shaking like leaves in a hurricane.)

At HRS, Bunya hops in to eat and claim turf.
Ethel explores the stick tunnel we brought from home,
so they'd have something familiar,
and Lucy hides in the box.
The bunnies gather for some treats, so Lucy's out of hiding.
They didn't do so bad.
(Thanks, HRS, for the picture.)

Our daughter was in town briefly and visited the buns at HRS.
Here, Bunya gives one of his disapproving looks,
hoping to gain either treats or a head skritch.

Returning home from HRS, the bunnies ran and binkied.
Here, the 3 of them nuzzle up on the cool bricks of the fireplace.
(It is getting hot here in Atlanta.)
Thank you to all the HRS volunteers for taking care of our bun-dren so well while we were away.

The bunnies benefit by getting to stay together in a much bigger space than the vet can provide and we benefit from the much easier impression on the wallet (less 10% if you are a GHRS member ... of course we are!)

How do you care for your pets when you are away and how do they fare?

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