Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vanity license plate - HRUDUDU ... a quiz for you

Don't you love the four little bunnies across the bottom?
The owner of this license plate is a big-time bunny fan!
Can you interpret how we know this??? Well, just how much of a bunny fanatic are you? Submit your answers via comments to this post.

Another way (nothing to do with the license plate) to tell this is a friend to buns is the car owner's site, listed in Rabbit Resources in the right-hand column: Rabbit Health Central.

Lucy: Do you know the answer?
Bunya: Of course. You'd know I do if you checked my profile.


  1. I'm a teeny brained bunny - how should I now???

  2. Clue #3: It identifies an object in bunny speak. (So, what would be a fantastic item to identify with this license plate??? ...that makes it even funnier if you know the answer)

  3. Okay, here goes: In this context, it means "car" in bunny language. This is from Watership Down, a book by Richard Adams (1972). The book is about a group of rabbits and this is a word from the language the author constructed for them.

  4. 3 months late and a dollar short... I knew it was Watership Down but I thought it was 'tractor' (or motorized wheel thing in general).

  5. It's rabbit for "motorized vehicle". I wanted to make sure any rabbit drivers behind me knew what they were following.