Monday, December 19, 2011

Commissioner - It's the Bun Signal!

It signals the bunnies ... to run hide!

Actually, just a reflection made by a couple of CDs that my daughter thoughtfully laid out at the right spot between the basement lights.

What made me think of this (other than it stays there on the wall as long as there are lights on in the bunnies' room) is what I saw as I was driving earlier this week. It was too brief and I had no chance to get a picture.

I was in the car heading toward an intersection and coming in my direction was a man on a motorcycle, wearing a black leather jacket, briefly paused to take a left turn. (Think of all the things that had to line up perfectly for this to happen.) The sun was shining from above/behind him at just the right angle to hit his rear view mirrors and project pretty much the image above in the center of his chest. I did a double take, he made his turn and it was all gone.

Wish I had a picture of Bun-man on his Bun-cycle to show you, but you will have to look at the image above and imagine it.

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