Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bunya's diet

Mr. Bunya is cranky. And he's taking it out on Lucy and Ethel.

Bunya weighs between 4.5 and 5 pounds, but his ideal fighting weight is 4 pounds. We left them all at the vet for a one-night trip (normally, we'd board them at GHRS, but this one only for one night; the vet's around the corner and GHRS is a much longer trip). Dr. Mike got a chance to check out Bunya and his official report included some concern about Bunya's ... well, Bunya's "moobs".

Mr. Bunya, in his more svelte youth,
before he grew into his ears, and
when his sides were concave and not convex.

So, how do you put one of three bonded bunnies that live together on a diet?

Here's what we're trying:
1. Reduction in treats for all.
However, they now ALL follow us as soon as we get up and go anywhere near any container where their treats are stored. Yeah, we cave. Sometimes. How can I deny them when I have papaya on my breath?
2. Reduction in "crumbles" and greens. Of course, we are still supplying unlimited fresh hay and water, as always.
3. More than just a reduction, there's also monitored eating. When breakfast or dinner is set out, the food is removed when Bunya is the last bun standing at "the table". So, there may be some greens and crumbles left, but if at least one of Lucy or Ethel is not eating with him, the dishes are yanked. No more Bunya eating alone, kinda' like they say it's not good to drink alone (reminds me of George Thorogood and the Destroyers, I Drink Alone).

Their snatching food from each other's mouth has risen to new heights, close to a sport.

Here are a couple of articles from GHRS on bunny weight issues:
One Too Fat and Too One Skinny ~ Tips For Feeding Bonded Rabbits

Now if someone would just snatch food away from me ....


  1. Poor baby bun! Did the doctor really comment on anything specifically, or just his weight in general? And Bunya is ALWAYS the last one eating, haha.

  2. nom nom away and then lots of run run about

    1. Well, Speedy, Bunya has the "nom, nom" part down. It's the "run, run" part that's well, not so much. Unless it's to a treat or dinner.