Sunday, September 30, 2012

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - Our Bunny Hosts

Last night was an absolutely wonderful fundraiser held by our local HRS chapter. It included a wine tasting and silent auction (yes, we scored ... that's for a later post).

And the wine sponsor?
Why, Rabbit Ridge Winery, of course!

LOVE this directional sign -
How did they get that bunny to point?!?

Final warning before entering the host bunnies'
portion of the house.

This humongous but absolutely sweet bunny
loved to be pet by any and all gentle takers.
The hand is for perspective.
This bunny outweighs the TOTAL
of Bunya, Lucy & Ethel by about 5-10 pounds.
That could be another bunny. Easy.

Companion bunny

The snuggly duo

So, upcoming are more posts about the event, including the bunny auction items.

Kudos to:
All the volunteers that worked so hard to put on a really spectacular, fun event
The sponsors
The donors of all the wonderful silent auction items
The human hosts, who allow all those people infected with BIDS (Bunny Infatuation Disorder) to wander around their beautiful home, mingle, eat, sip wine and bid on bunny-benefiting items. And pet their really sweet, soft bunnies.


  1. I want that attack bunny sign! I've been looking for one, but I haven't had any luck

    1. Try these:
      or Google: "Beware of attack rabbit" sign

      Looks like some are plastic and some aluminum. I think I am going to have to get one myself.

    2. I'd like a sign that says "Rabbit of Caer Bannog".
      The attack is then assumed.

  2. That is the epitome of a BWB! So much fur to snuggle and so few chances. :)