Thursday, September 5, 2013

Abandoned bunnies

Good news/bad news ...
Bad first:

BREAKING NEWS: 17 bunnies (including 8 babies) were illegally abandoned on the porch of the HRS Rabbit Center this morning in 3 plastic containers and one basket. One has severely overgrown front teeth and is on his way to the vet this morning, and several need immediate spay surgery.
HRS *URGENTLY* needs help with fostering and donations to cover their medical issues and care:

Pictures of the youngest of the abandoned buns.
If you can provide a foster home for them or other pairs, email 

Good news: just offered to DONATE $1 of the $8.50 price of their great eco-friendly BUNNY tote towards the abandoned bunnies. Sounds like a win-win to me. (If you order and there is a place for a note or comment, please let them know that you'd like the donation made to the HRS abandoned buns.) If you have been waiting to order one of these totes or need a gift for a bunny-loving friend, now is the time to shop! ORDER HERE
THANK YOU, Bagwisely!


  1. so sad,at least they are getting the help they need now,xx Rachel

  2. Its illegal & obviously adds to the HRS financial burden, but I am so thankful these sweet buns were left where they would be safe & well cared for, rather than any one of the myriad other terrible options.