Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bunny Sightings at the Sandy Springs Arts Festival

The first day was pouring rain, but ...
Day 2 was a beautiful day - the first day of fall.
Bunnies were spotted. Limited to a couple of artists, but many pieces.

Again, these artists have work that is other than bunnies, but in case you were not aware, this is a bunny blog. Thank you to these artists who allowed me to take pictures of their work. Their business cards are included below so if you like what you see, you can contact them and buy some bunnies! (Or check out their websites for other artworks).

 We first met this artists at the 2012 Decatur Arts Festival (posted here).

We loved this one.
And, um, it may be hanging
in the bunny art room soon.

Special shout out to this artist who was kind and generous enough to donate this wonderful piece to the GHRS Silent Auction this coming September 28, 2013.

Very, very cool.
Come bid on this and lots of other wonderful bunny and non-bunny art.

(Pardon the glare on some of the pieces but is was a SUNNY day.)

(Two different pieces, side by side)


Finally, a yard art artist with bunnies!!!

Biker Bunny on left.
Bunny on right will have
eye replacement surgery
after on-site accident.
Bunny butt
(really, tail)
is a doorknob!

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