Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rabbit Ramblings is 3 years old!

A few musings on our third anniversary ...


Thank you to all the fans of the Rabbit Ramblings Facebook page. It has become its own blog. While there's usually a link to any new posts here, it has many of its own cute bunny posts, alerts, news items and more. And as far as "reach", it seems to reach what took this blog three years (over 270,000 pageviews) -- about every 6 weeks or so.

Thank you to all you bunny fans out there who are members, followers, subscribers and especially, the commenters. Special commenter recognition must again go to SpeedyRabbit and Rabbit'sGuy, the most prolific commenters and who touch so many bunny blogs around the www.

hanks to Bunya, Lucy & Ethel for making our lives so entertaining.
Thanks to our daughter who smuggled Bunya into our basement.
Thanks to our son who suggested I start a blog.
Thanks to our other son, who mocks me as totally nuts and whose laugh as he's seen something that amuses him on the blog is a joy to hear as he says:
         Just to be clear, Dad, I am laughing at you, not with you.
         [He means it and he is not alone.]
Thanks to my sisters who, before this blog, probably never realized how many Bunny Things cross their paths almost every day.
Thanks to Dr. wife, my partner in life, bunny crime and bunny care.

A few RR statistics:
Bunny Things: Over 300 (especially counting links to posts with Bunny Things too numerous to list one by one on the page)
Posts: Over 1,000
Comments: Over 1,700
Pageviews - all time: Over 270,000
Countries we noticed making those pageviews: 120
Facebook "Likes": Over 3800
Please "Like" Rabbit Ramblings on Facebook! Thank you! 

Wishes for the next New Year:
Healthy bunnies, for all of us
Greater capacity at HRS and all animal rescues - but not the need for it
Whirled peas - Tolerance among humankind, joint efforts to repair the world, good health and prosperity for all

We hope to see more of you next year!


  1. Happy anniversary! I'm so glad I found you when I did. We've had Trouble in our lives for 2.5 years now and this blog has been so informative and helpful. Keep up the great work and best wishes for many more years.

  2. Happy anniversary! I love Bunya and his compatriots, both bunny & human. Thanks for the info and the fun. Sending scritches to the buns.

  3. Well I'll be! It is my birthday too .. not 3 though! Thanks for the shout out and may the next year be grand ....

  4. Happy Anniversary to you all!xx Rachel and Speedy