Monday, December 2, 2013

Real rabbit fur being sold as faux

However you choose to follow up, if you do - please be POLITE!
Polite has a better chance of obtaining change than ranting, hating, cursing obscenities, and the like because it is easier to marginalize such behavior.

12-02-2013 Press release - "the story" - Buyer Beware: Rabbit Fur Sold as “Faux” at Kohl’s
Humane Society action page - Humane Alert - how to object
Kohl's Facebook page


  1. Thank you. I belong to HSUS so I had already written to Kohl's. It's important! Also, it's very important to avoid Chinese angora wool and wool blends. Those lovely angora rabbits are being tortured horribly for their wool in China. It's yanked right out of their bodies, causing the poor rabbits extreme pain so that they scream and bleed. There was an undercover expose done that was shown on Yahoo news and in the European news as well. I was shocked and saddened, to say the least. Thanks for spreading the word about fur and wool and bunnies.

  2. Letter sent, & posted to Facebook. I'll be keeping am eye out for progress (or lack of) on this.

    On the Angora... I'm stunned! It is so hard to even imagine this kind of cruelty! Other than writing letters & telling others, what can we do to stop this? (working hard, not to cry, here, but that accomplished nothing...)