Friday, December 4, 2015

Bunya's ecstacy

Bunya is always ready to hunker down for a good head skritch. Humans may be tolerable because of opposable thumbs and the ability to rub both bunny ears at the same time.

About 23 seconds in, Bunya savors one of his favorite place places to be rubbed - along his jaw line. His teeth chatter happily and he starts his automatic licking response (also triggered by rubbing his tushy right over his tail).

Bunnies are very social creatures. If your bunny does not have a bonded mate, you are the buddy. Interact with your bunny every day - and do it on his or her level - the floor, where he feels safest.

1 comment:

  1. We pretty much live on the floor, with Lola. But, we're home all the time, with no little ones around, any more. She will wander off to explore, or wreak havoc, as the case may be, then come running back to one of us,, as if to say, "I'm BACK! Did you miss me?" And zoom in for snuggling or petting - or both. When we have dinner, we bring her a salad, because we saw that when we sat down, she'd start hunting around for her dinner. Now, if we forget to get hers out at the same time as ours, she hunts for it, then, on not finding it, her head drops, and she pouts, then just sits and stares at us, until we get the hint.
    Happy binkies!