Tuesday, December 8, 2015

GHRS Holiday Party

The celebration included a pop up Hop Shop to buy bunny supplies and toys, bunny mani-pedis, bunny pictures with Santa, delicious desserts from The Cake Hag, and a Hoppy Hour. Oh, and lots and lots of bunnies. And bunny people.
Thank you to all the GHRS volunteers who made this another wonderful GHRS event.

Cookies and Cream impressed potential adopters with their cuteness.
Chance was hoping someone might take a chance on adopting him.
I got down and pet him for a while. Just a soft love sponge.
This cute couple "strolled" in.
Just for the "Squee" factor
Winston has a human. Picture just for cuteness.
(Made me miss our Dutch, Lucy)
The Hoppy Hour area. Orange shirts were referees, in case needed.
This tunnel was popular. One big bunny went in
and a bunch of bunnies came out. It was like a circus clown car.
This little guy loved this tunnel. Like a little submarine commander.
I contend that it is near impossible to get an in-focus
picture of a lionhead. And this bunny was nonstop movement,
popping in and out and looking all around.
One of the bigger (if not biggest) bunny there.
Celebrity appearance by Bree the Bunny!
(Very soft and loving bunny. Sorry - already taken!)

One of the funnier looking bunnies there. 
"Come on in - the hay is fine!"
Always a popular bunny magnet.
May be the bunny equivalent of a singles bar.
They loved this little log A frame.
Everybunny had to come by and chin it.
A little Hoppy Hour lovin'... making friends.

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