Saturday, October 29, 2016

Adoptable bunnies at the Georgia House Rabbit Society

I visited GHRS today to pick up supplies for Bunya & Ethel. While there, I had to check out the adoptables. The shelter is as crowded as I have ever seen it and there are dozens more bunnies within the GHRS foster homes network.

Like so many rescued bunnies, Raider (above) has been through the ringer, if the ringer is mistreatment followed by being hit by a car (incredibly, nothing was broken). And he is SO SWEET! As soon as the pen door opened, Raider turned around for pets. He is an otter rex and is SO SOFT. (The orange hair is because he was malnourished and, as he heals, it will become the soft dark hair like the rest of him.) Opportunity is knocking, people!!!

Here are some more of the GHRS adoptables:

Chillin' in the window

If you like dogs but love bunnies,
there are a couple of these big beautiful buns
ready to have you worship them.
Adopt a bonded pair and
skip all that speed dating/bonding nonsense later.

Demonstrating the hen/chicken or loaf position.
Oops - caught you with food in your mouf.

Shhhh - lop at rest.
Okay folks, act fast because I won't be here long -
I am just that cute.

This baby (not yet spayed) cuddled in my arm for 15 minutes
and started grooming me after 2...
wondering if Bunya & Ethel would like company.

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