Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ethel in the cleaning day "tunnel"

Sunday mornings are our clean the bunny pen day. We take everything out so we can vacuum. This includes pulling the pen away from the wall. Bunya usually goes and plops down somewhere else, typically in the  castle tower that is outside the pen.

Bunya gets out of the way on cleaning day.
The tunnel and ramp have been piled on
top of the castle tower to empty the pen.
(That tower stays on top of their "fun house".
The tower from the pen is in the left foreground.)

As soon as there is a little space between the wall and the pen, Miss Ethel has to run explore. When the pen is pulled away from the wall, the lip of the carpet tilts over and forms a tunnel. She ran to the end (at this time, it was pulled away from only one wall). We were both laughing so hard because then she backed up the whole way - there was too little space to turn around. We didn't get any pictures.

The cleaning went on and Ethel gave the exploration a second try. Same thing happened, so you can get an idea of the first time. However, she did not back up the entire way with her little steps that were extra cute the first time. We kept waiting for OSHA to cite her for not having that vehicle-backing-up "beep beep beep".

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