Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ethel bossing her bowl around

This is the bowl in which the bunnies get their dried willow leaves.
It was empty.
Ethel does not like empty.

She has taken to bossing their food dishes around; we will find them shoved under the ramp to their castle tower or in their tunnel. She will turn it over and sometimes eat the little bits that come out from the bottom of the bowl. Then she'll flip it back over and see if there is anything she missed, or if more has magically appeared.


  1. The whole point of this video is that the bowl is empty. Lucy's feels that someone should stop filming and fill it for her.

  2. LOL! Such a BUNNEH!!! Lola does it, too. We have a yellow one (white inside) for her water. The only reasons she doesn't do this with it are 1 - being that hers is a water dish, it rarely gets empty, and 2 - we keep it wedged into a corner, so she can't! The idea of her upturning a bowl of water just isn't ok! They are so funny...