Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Back

Bunya's ability to tell time has been recapped a couple of time, including this post and here again.

Bunya was bugging me for their 9pm treat (a piece of Probios). However, he did not take into account the "fall back" to standard time (clock in upper left corner).

Normally, he starts staring at me from the floor at a few minutes of 9 o'clock. If I don't see him or ignore his attempt at Jedi mind control of me, a few minutes after 9, he hops on the sofa to get my attention (with Ethel standing on the floor, right under where he is). In prior years, he has adjusted to the change, which always surprised me, but he missed it this year.

Well? I'm waiting.
Still got the treat, but we are stretching it back to 9. Another unanticipated problem with Daylight Savings Time.

The Two-legged Treat Dispenser.

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