Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bunny Art

We painted the bunnies area walls and, finally, put our bunny art back up. Here's a sample. Please note, we did not buy all of these; some were gifts.
Regardless, I guess the judgment would be we are still bunny crazy.

Detail of one of the above, signed by the artist/cartoonist.
Winning bid at a GHRS auction.

3-D Bunny by artist John Hung Ha

Bonded Bunnies - Mixed media
(Incredible artist is my cousin)

Promo from the Year of the Rabbit
(a gift from our favorite sushi chef)

Another from John Hung Ha
The artist donated a larger version of this to a GHRS art auction.
I got into a bidding war trying to win it. Lost.
Found him at another art festival and bought this as my consolation prize.

Vase, Native American art,
a gift from Dr. MrsBunnyMom

Gift from my sister
(Hard to see in this picture)


  1. Yup! You're bun-nuts, alright! We only have a couple...or three bun-things. There's the little litho, the egg cup, the small tea cake plate, my Build-a-Bear bun, my ring & earrings, the etched-in-glass one, the tiny jade one we picked up in Honduras, my crochet hook bag, the various stuffies from my & my kids' childhoods, the... Ok. You're bun-nuts. Of that, there is no doubt. But, I guess you could easily come back with,'it takes one to know one!'
    Carla (Lola's mama)

    1. Agreed. And you reminded me... the stuffed animals and small art pieces will have to be separate posts sometime.