Thursday, March 2, 2017

Why you shouldn't purchase a rabbit as an Easter prop

Rabbits should not be purchased as props because:
1. Rabbits are a wonderful but complex pet requiring special care and diet (their diet is 80+% hay, not carrots or pet store junk).
2. Rabbits don’t like to be handled until they get to know their human (and that can take a while). The “used as a prop” process may scare them.
3. Rabbits are not a pet for children. A child may squeeze a rabbit’s delicate skeletal system or drop them from a height resulting in serious injury or death.
4. Rabbits are not starter pets. They are an indoor pet.
5. After the pictures are done, the rabbit may be ignored, mistreated or let go “in the wild”. Domestic pet rabbits do not have the survival skills of their cousins born in the wild. Releasing a rabbit is most often a tortuous death sentence from starvation, predators or parasites.

(It was a 150 word limit for this challenge.)

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