Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bunnies are SMART!!!

Posted on this theme before and here it is demonstrated again, this time by Lucy the Paranoid (tip o' the hat to RG). Mid-week, we could stand Lucy's furry butt no more and chased her down. It took two of us and she gave us many of her "looks" (previously posted in RR) and several loud thumps. We finally caught her, groomed her, gave her treats and released her back into the wild.

This weekend, Lucy obviously remembered this experience and prior Sunday mornings when we cleaned out their cage. As soon as we started, she disappeared. We kept asking each other, "Where's Lucy?"

Finally, we checked to make sure the hall gate was closed (it was). Then it hit me and I said, "I'll bet she's under the desk." My wife confirmed this and once again, we got a good laugh from our bunnies. Lucy went to the one place she knew we could not reach her.

Lucy backed into the furthest corner under a very heavy desk.
(Note the nibble marks along the bottom edge of the desk,
which make it the world's largest bunny chew toy.)

Even when we were all finished and gave them their greens, Lucy refused to be duped. She resisted the whistles and calls of "chowtime", the come-get-dinner signal for the buns. Finally, my wife tossed some greens for her on the floor in front of the desk. Eventually, Lucy cautiously came out, grabbed some, backed up, and ate them.

Cautious consumption
The snatch and grab


  1. yes, umbra gives me that look every time she gets her nails trimmed. That is a disapproving bunny!

    She used to hate it so much she would hide behind the couch and wouldn't even come out for banana! She is not quite as dramatic now

  2. talk about teeth marks...I am still trying to retrain my bunnies about that...grrr...

  3. give it up on the chewing you'll never stop it...hehehe but that girl is clever

  4. "Yep! Been there too!" - RG the Sympathizer!

  5. bunnies are so smart. the shelter where i got silky, they were training him to do circles and he got it in like 30mins...he is so smart