Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GHRS Silent Auction Evening - The Stuff to Bid On

Not everything to bid on involved bunnies - other than the proceeds benefited the GHRS shelter - but plenty did.
But, this is a bunny blog, so the items pictured here are bun-centric.
No "week at a Paris apartment" here. Wonder who won that?

Bunny pillow

Bunny dishes (part of a set)

Bunny egg

Bunny head pin

This is one of the items we won,
a bunny night light.
Didn't even realize the pillow was part of this bid!

Bunny table

Another bunny table,
but for the bunnies

Love this guy - one tough little bunny.
Should have bid on it.

Well, that's a lot. Going to break this stuff into multiple posts, so, more to come.

If you (artist) recognize your work, please put your name and website link in the comments in case any RR readers would like to purchase their own.