Monday, October 22, 2012

Ethel bunny, well, just being cute

The hay cube box is our attempt to keep the hay dust to one general area. Of course, the bunnies often grab a choice cube (do not ask me their criteria) and run off with it to chew someplace else (and do not ask me why that someplace else is preferred - I don't know those criteria either).

Although Ethel was in the hay cube box, her attention was not on the hay cubes, but on the box.

I am not sure if she was playing the piano, shadow boxing or "peeling" the box to get to the good parts (again, don't ask me...).


  1. She was clearly searching for the elusive cucumbers. ;)

  2. Speedy does that only not in a box he does it to me,nibbles gently as if grooming me then does the digging weird!