Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bunny IQ test

When we got the bunny's castle from The Blissful Bunny, we also got the Einstein toy. This is providing us with tons of bunny entertainment. "Us" meaning the humans, the bunnies' slaves. But it also entertains the bunnies. It is only limited by the number of treats we will allow the bunnies to eat.

Ethel was the first to discover it.
She likes nibbling on the pieces but
has not developed the safe-cracker mentality.

So along comes Lucy - a mischievous bunny if there ever was one.

Bunya was still at the vet when we introduced this, so it was just Lucy and Ethel.

Lucy is the one who figured out that if she lifted up the "stopper", she would find a treat.
Ethel figured out if Lucy lifted a stopper, she could find a treat. If she could beat Lucy to it.
Lucy figured out she needed to open and employ a rapid search and seizure operation if she wanted to claim her reward.

In this video, Lucy had already opened the center treat holder. While this was soon after they got the toy, she was already refining her technique for opening the toy (and grabbing the treat).

We started putting multiple treats in each hole so they could both have one.

Oh - and you will see they love to nibble on the toy itself! Ethel is trying to turn the cube tops into ball tops.


  1. rabbits are so smart!!!! and she figured that out only what, minutes after having it put in front of her??? so cute :)