Friday, February 22, 2013

Bunya health update

First - THANK YOU to everyone who left here or on Facebook, such wonderful positive thoughts and prayers for a speedily recovered rabbit! We are keeping positive that he will pull through this bout.

Figuring that I am crazier than most, including the super staff at the veterinary hospital (meaning they might not have quite as many flavors as we stock), I decided to pack a "to go" selection of hays for Bunya. He is on the hay-only diet for maximum fiber flow-through, to break down the mass in his stomach. I thought Bunya might eat more if the flavors were varied. (As I look at the picture now, I am glad I was not stopped by a policeman ... the hay was just sitting on the passenger seat on the way to the vet.)

Green Haze (as opposed to Purple):
Oat, Botanical, Organic Meadow and Orchard Grass
[Max fiber content = 32%]

They let me visit with Mr. Bunya. He just rested on my chest (okay - stomach) and I skritched his ears, head and jaw (he loves that). He just closed his eyes and we sat there for 20 minutes or so.

Poop production is "small". Need to get the engines back up to speed.
They will x-ray him again Friday and we'll see if the mass is breaking down.
Thank you all again for your wonderful well wishes for him.


  1. Get well soon Bunya little buddy,xx Speedy

  2. have you tried massaging the stomach? I did it once when my bunny was constipated

  3. I'm so glad he's doing ok, I also massage my bunny's stomach when sh'e not pooping right,and give her small pieces of pinnaple. I hope Bunya get's weel soon :)

  4. Many thoughts and prayers for you and Bunya...get well soon sweet bunny.

  5. Thanks for the update- I've been thinking about him!

  6. After caring for an English Angora, I can tell you, we went through this several times; it can be a 5 or 6 times a year thing with angoras. But our little doe pulls through, and I know Bunya will, too. I'm glad you have a rabbit-savvy vet and hospital! I can't imagine dealing with GI stasis without a good bunny vet nearby.

  7. Thinking healthy(poopy) thoughts!!!!! Love sent from Bunzilla the Bunja and Baby Bella Plushbunny!!!

  8. Thinking of you Bunya, and hope you're all better soon.

  9. What a lovely care package! Loads of lovins, prayers & happy poop thoughts coming his way!