Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Return of the Bunmuda Triangle!

Here's what we've been waiting for - the Bunmuda Triangle.
We found the bunnies huddled all head-to-head. This was better than them being all in their own little spaces ... which they do anyway, but that was the only way they had been since being reunited. Now they are back into pair and trio groupings, too, which is more normal.

It's not all sunshine and pink clouds though. The morning after this picture, we found a tuft of Lucy's hair on the floor of the pen.
= : (

But we also found this poop. This is the kind of poop the vet was looking for; the distinguishing characteristic is that it looks like it contains some of the mass that was in Bunya's stomach. So this could be a sign that he is processing the hairball, or whatever it is.
(While a cat can cough up a hairball, bunnies cannot regurgitate.)

We'll take it day by day and, as always -- thank you for your good wishes for Bunya's recovery!