Wednesday, June 12, 2013

375 rabbits seized

I am speechless at this horror, and at the ignorance and callousness of some of the commentors.
Here's the WISH TV, Channel 8 news story.

If you can donate ... the Indiana House Rabbit Society will be assisting and is going to be taxed beyond all conceivable limits.
If you are rabbit savvy and live in the area, contact Indiana HRS to volunteer, perhaps as a foster home.

Indiana House Rabbit Society
Donate to Indiana House Rabbit Society

WISH Photo/ DeAndra Taylor


  1. I agree with you some of those coments are awful!

  2. Tiny cages, no hay, no water, no reprieve from the wire, nothing to chew on, no exercise, no shelter from neighboring bunny's spray, no licks, no snuggles, no head rubs, no treats... No love. :( Poor babies...

  3. I saw this article earlier, I can't bear to read it or my heart will break.