Saturday, June 22, 2013

One bunny pen cleaning day ...

Well, apparently, the bunnies like their maze haven - even when it's upside down.

Sunday morning is typically bunny pen cleaning day. Everything comes out so we can vacuum stray hair or the errant poop. Their boxes and toys are jumbled together and the maze haven was set upside down on the coffee table (it gives you the opportunity to run the lint brush on the edges and remove more hair).

Well, that just gave them more to explore. Anything to fight bunny boredom.

Lucy was first on the upside down haven. 
Always willing to explore, Ethel pops up like a little "whack-a-mole".

They briefly confer.

Lucy peeks over the edge at
all the other toys and boxes piled on the table.

Ethel trying to decide "in or out?"

Decision - stay in for now.

Maze Havens are from the Binky Bunny and you can get your bunnies one here.
When I went to get the link, I noticed that they are on sale at the moment.
Also, the main picture of it is one big flat unit. Scroll the pictures underneath - you can build it into different patterns, including the 2-story one we did.


  1. trouble is they difficult to get in the UK

  2. In a couple of years, when we can move into a bigger place, I'd love to do something like that. Right now, there just isn't enough space in this tiny apartment.