Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rabbits' Habits

If you are thinking of adopting a bunny or if you already have one, Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits is a book that should be in your bunny library.

Common Rabbit Behaviors is the title of two pages of little bunny diagrams that can serve as an index or table of contents, directing you to the pages that explain that behavior. The book also incorporates another section of 10 Rabbit Behavior Problems Solved. Does your bunny not like being picked up? Have poor litter box habits?

Rabbit's Habits is easy to read (I love the proper British spelling) and helps you look at things from a bunny's perspective to explain their behavior and misbehavior. It's a wonderful point of view for any prospective or current bunny owner.

The book's author, Tamsin Stone, also has a website, The Rabbit House, and developed a chart to help you interpret your bunny's ears (in this prior post). You can buy this book here.


  1. I wanted to put in some shameless self-promotion. I have a new blog, a 365 project. Come see.