Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More bunstruction ... the "new" carpet

You may think you have bunny-proofed.
But bunnies are smart, curious, playful and persistent.
And looooove to chew.

So when we cleared out the room for carpet, we found what they had done to the surge protector and are thankful we do not have any toasted bunnies. We thought it was safe.

The new surge protector wire is encased in protective tubing.
Keep your paws crossed.

Oh, yeah, and that "new" carpet ...

Well, that lasted about a week.
The bunnies range has been reduced by about 20%. 
Basically, they have a den and little kitchen now.

They're still worth it all.


  1. Oh dear!Sorry but its just funny,hehehe,xx Rachel

  2. I think they mark, by chewing and chinning, anything new or interesting, sigh....But they're just doin' what they must do, and we must cope.... Carpet isn't the most expensive thing in the world. Glad they didn't get a shock!

  3. Uh-oh! Sorry for that nibbled carpet. At least it lasted for two weeks before your dear bunnies decided to chew on it. Hehe! Anyway, did you replace this? I do hope you'll find another carpet that is more durable against your bunny bites. Anyway, don't forget to keep them away from live wires. :)

    Brandon Johnson @

  4. Ugh. I'm sorry for the damage - and am definitely no stranger to it. We will absolutely NOT be getting our deposit back, on this apartment. ~le sigh~ Before we knew it - within about three days of letting her free in the living room and kitchen, we heard weird noise coming from under the couch. Upon investigation, we discovered Lola had chewed a hole in the carpet and through the padding - a hole almost big enough for a small person to slip through. One day, heading into the (ahem)'bunny-roof barricade', around my sewing machine, I discovered that she'd made it through, and had made several meals of the pedal cord. :( I dug through some more, until I grabbed the extension cord, and got one heckuva jolt. The lil' stinker had chewed so much of that cord, there is NO possible way she couldn't have gotten the same jolt I had - yet she kept coming back for more! There was a foot-long section of almost completely stripped wire! To this day, I have no idea how she got back there, WHY she would keep coming back for more, after getting zapped, how she survived all of that zapping, or how she didn't end up burning our apartment building down. We've now learned better 'bunny-resistant' methods (I think truly bunny 'proofing' may be an unattainable goal), and the perimeter gets checked regularly - just in case. But, 5 years later, she's still alive, and finding new places to chew the carpet. -le sigh-

    1. We call it "attempted bunny-proofing". We have a gate at one boundary of their area. I was hanging with them reading a book a couple of days ago. Got up to leave and Ethel is on the non-bunny side of the gate, waiting to get back in (she was in the hall with the chewed up carpet pictured in this post).

    2. Oiy! They are unbelievably cunning lil critters! We also have a gate, blocking her from the hall & the dangerous-for-her bedrooms. We both work from home, so we take our (charged)laptops into the room with her, so we can lay on the floor & pet her with one hand, while typing with the other - which I'm doing right now. One might think with us down here with her all thee time, she'd be content & less likely to find trouble. One would think WRONG! LOL